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Jennifer Hale talks about Commander Shepard’s ongoing relationship with Liara T’soni in Mass Effect 3. No spoilers, but a weebit of fangirl twittering. :)

Aahahah my girlfriend asked this! That’s fantastic. There was a Liara fan uproar everytime she was even mentioned. 

I was sitting somewhere like directly behind you #awkward ._.

: Panic time! ›


OK, so there are these tweets:

I highly doubt she was choking up due to too much joy and happiness… I have a bad feeling it’s Garrus dying. Maybe Shepard (though they’ll probably leave Shepard’s fate up to the player). The question is is the death optional. On the one hand, Garrus is…

I was at the panel and I’d just like to point out that Jennifer was very vague in what exactly the dialogue was, as far as I can remember she just said “We just recorded a few lines that.. were difficult. I had to stop in the middle of recording, and start again” (paraphrased entirely).

She was answering a question (I believe) about Shepard’s character in ME3 and she explained that Shepard gets to show a bit more of her humanity, much like she did at the end of LotSB. I don’t think this means it takes a LI interest (or even Garrus) dying to make something like this happen, but it was honestly a split second mention before moving on to the next topic.

Settle down fandom, it’s only a bit longer until March. :)

Because I’m totally lame, I forgot my Shepard Dog Tags at home so I had nothing for anyone to sign at the con. I ran through the Artist Alley and bought this awesome fanart (which they both loved), and had Jennifer and Mark sign it. 


Jennifer Hale in a voiceover for “The Big Bang Theory.” Forgive the not-awesome video quality.

Pfff, you’d think one of them would recognize Shep.

looks like Mark Meer is going to EXPcon too

On the one hand it’s great that all the VAs are the Guests of Honor (and rightfully so), but I’d rather it have been Brandon Keener.

In other news, after talking to the wonderful Foxy I’ve decided that I’m going to try to get some sort of fandom awareness post going on. (Primarily for Jennifer and Ali, sorry MaleSheps) 

I realize it’s only a bit over month away but if there’s any questions that you guys want asked during the Q&As I’d be more than happy to see if we can get them answered! If I had more time doing a sort of “Thanks from the Femshep/Liara fandom book” to give to them would have been great, but it might be a tad too late for that. So yeah! Any questions, feel free to ask. And spread the word! :]

Jennifer Hale at PAX 2011

  • Where Jennifer Hale yells at the interviewer for not playing as Femshep.
  • Talks about how Commander Shepard “Always hits on something if she has the chance.”
  • Says how much she hates the Council.
  • Slips into talking like Bastila Freakin’ Shan while discussing The Old Republic.